Creativity In Action

This section aims to explore the use of ICT in sectors other than education. By casting the net wider we will be encouraged to think of links/connections and relationships that we may not have previously considered.

  • Digital Incubator

This site showcases the work of students who have ‘mashed web 2.0 media’ together in order to create their online idea.
How do I say this ?

  • Saatchi and Saatchi

Saatchi and Saatchi are indeed skilled at making clever connections between quite obscure ideas and objects in order to deliver powerful messages.
Neonatal Campaign : Dramatically shows the issue of cramped space.

UNICEF Promotion: Compares the sale of children to the sale of ordinary items

Raise Awareness of Child Abuse : Hard -hititng advert that mixes cartoon characters with real people. nspcc.jpg

  • Popular Mechanics

This site shows us that multi-touch technology is well and truly here and begs the question:
How can it be applied to education?

  • Gaming for Training

Repurposing technology to meet needs is alive and well as more and more companies use games as a medium to recruit new talent, improve communication and train employees.

Blood Typing - In this game you have to blood type each patient and give them a blood transfusion.

Business Week Article- Online games to train staff

  • HIT Lab NZ

The links below demonstrate how HIT Lab NZ, a human-computer interface research centre hosted at the University of Canterbury is adapting technology to meet their purposes.
Check out the following examples from the movie list:
A 3D Book - eyeMagic Book - TV Coverage
Coverage of the official launch, as covered by TV3 news.
The MagiPlanet Virtual Solar System
Uses augmented reality to teach people about the planets in the Solar System.